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Whether you're a starving artist or an established creative, sign up to volunteer for our beta testing team! We won't spam you, you'll just be updated on events and our progress until the testing process begins. We accept all creatives, in all fields, of all walks!

What is Tolli?

A Mobile Platform

In-the-making that is. Tolli will use your geographical location to match you with other artists based on your career needs and creative interests. It's very similar to a dating app - except instead of finding romance, you find that choreographer you need for your next project or that gallery to feature your work! We also plan on employing creatives by directing companies looking for freelance artists straight to them!

A Mode Of Progress

Right now, beginning and progressing in most artistic industries revolves around who you KNOW. Tolli plans to revolutionize the networking process by introducing you to those people as you go throughout your daily life. Our goal is to instead make these industries all about who you could know.


Tolli's mission is to DESTROY the stigma of the "Starving Artist," and inspire artists in all phases of their careers to connect and collaborate with both each other and eventually, corporations. Want to join the movement? Any creative can, whether you're just starting out, or advanced in your career!

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